Embrace and Extend – simple strategy for success

Over the last 10 years there have been lots of things that I have learned across the businesses that I have operated, but there has been one glowing message that comes back over and over. Recently, while conducting some competitive analysis work, I have been reminded of the importance of that simple, Read more [...]

Should we be taking a leaf from the coal miners?

Over my Christmas holiday vacation I visited a coal mining museum with my family and much of what we learned in that mine, nearly 800 feet under the ground are applicable to everyday life and how we are in constant strive to improve. The examples that I cite are the machines that were designed in Read more [...]

Federated Authentication – what does it mean to me?

Federated Authentication is rapidly becoming a well-known term and the technologies that can deliver enterprise secure authentication via this medium are beginning to get more discussion time with the IT leadership teams. For many years, organizations have had centralized security mechanisms in place Read more [...]

Windows remains the KING of the applications

Despite the drive over the last 10 or so years for us all to “go to the cloud” and make use of web applications, thus eradicating the traditionally installed application on the desktop, we still find ourselves needing to install and manage client installed Windows applications. Sure there are many Read more [...]

Does DaaS HAVE to mean server hosted virtual desktops?

DaaS or Desktop as a Service typically refers to remote desktop virtualization as delivered via a cloud infrastructure.  The question is, does the desktop delivered HAVE to be a remote desktop?  If the service were still offered to the enterprise from the cloud but delivered as client hosted virtual Read more [...]